The final option before landfill is made from the process of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). This product is burnt in incinerators to produce electricity and heat. This is mainly made from household waste. First of all the waste is shredded down to 400mm or smaller if required, we then screened to remove all of the organic material. This is then processed over magnets to remove any metals. It is then baled and wrapped and as with Solid Recovered Fuel it can either be exported by the boat load or in single articulated lorry loads.


is a valuable fuel produced out of industrial waste and used as a replacement for coal within the Cement Industry. It is also used to replace fossil fuel such as coal and coke to heat cement kilns. This product, which is mainly used in the production of cement to heat the cement kilns and replace fossil fuels, it’s made up from all of the light waste that has been blown from the main plant by wind shifters, such as paper cardboard and light plastics. It is shredded down to various sizes and made to a set specification to suit the cement industry. This material is baled and then wrapped and can be exported by the ship load or on single articulated lorry loads.